the trailer



Traveling with 4 kids, we needed more space. 2 years ago we bought a Mission trailer second hand and since then rebuild it to fit our needs. To match the car we had to change its axis, springs and put a set of hubs plus bigger tyres (Maxxis mud terrain 35 “). The tyres now match the ones of the car and could be exchanged in an emergency.

To have an emercency vehicle and to not always have to pack the rooftent when having to go somewhere, we take a Quadbike ( Grizzly 125) with us. To fix it on the top of the the trailer Timm build a roof rack on the trailer. The trailer itself is accessible from 4 sides. The front part contains our toolboxes, battery system, charging units, build in compressor, generator and spare parts. The right side contains our kitchen unit with gas hob, and cooking equipment. The back part is Timms Workshop with all sorts of tools. The left side is our main storage unit. It contains a 80l water tank with a tab at the back, a 60l pull out Engel fridge, a pull out food drawer and all our camping equipment underneath. Fully loaded the trailer will weigh about 600kg.

Outside the trailer we put two extra 3l gas bottles, 2 20l diesel tanks and a spare tyre. All doors are secured with locks.

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