Apart from the normal vaccines we vaccinated against

– rabies

– meningitis

– yellow fever

– hepatitis A+B

– typhoid

We take Malaria prophylaxis ( Mefliam, 1 dose per week )

In our medical kit we packed:

First Aid Kit (bandages, burn dressings, gloves, bandaids ( also waterproof), alcohol swaps, etc)

Antiseptic cream and liquid

CPR Mouthpiece

Eye drops, eye pads

Jelco green 18G, Jelco pink 20G,

Needle blue 23G, Needle Green, 21G

Surgical Blade-23G

2 Srynges 5mls, 2 10mls



Water purifying Tablets-Oasis + Micropur

Wound Closure Strips 3.2mm x 76mm- Epiderm

Safety pins, Scissors

Ear Buds


Vomex kids+adult




Olynth kids+adult

Vicks Vaporub

Saline spray (Sterimar)

Nurofen, Paracetamol, Prospan

Traumeel (and several homeopathic remedies)

Insect Repellent (spray and self adhesive patches)

Coartem + testing device for Malaria

Dewormer (Vermox) kids +adult


Hand Sanitizer


Aspivenin Venom Pump











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