What to pack for 4 kids at different ages? At home they have so many toys that when looking for a birthday present we run out of ideas. So what shall we pack to keep them happy? Space is very limited, so the beloved Lego, Playmobil and toy trucks need to stay behind. Former travels showed us, that most of the kids toys we took stayed untouched and they played with stones, rocks, bones sometimes and did not miss anything from home.

So this time, we asked them to put one tiny backpack with what they want to take with:

Carl: Toy cars, the whole backpack

Max: His teddy, his blanket and a few books and toy cars

Paula: Fuffy toys, her Schleich fairies, crayons+ paper

Lotta: Books, crayons, paper, her diary and guitar

It is amazing what is important to kids, when they have to decide for favorites and it showed us one more time that our kids have far too much stuff. Thinking about what to pack, we thought of families 100 years ago who did not have TV, computer games and toys. What did they do? They read, they did arts & crafts, they talked, they made music…

We thought it would be a nice idea to make a travel book, so we bought every child a scrap book and some craft material. The girls both have a camera, so they can take their own fotos.

We pictured us cuddling in the roof tent on cold or rainy nights, so we packed some DVDs, CDs (to watch and listen to on our computer) and books and loaded books on our kindles that we can read to them.

Timm packed loads of tools also to teach the kids how to build things.

Michaela bought all sorts of needles, crochet hooks, wool, embroidery frames, etc to teach them how to sew, crochet and do embroidery (should nobody enjoy it, there will for sure be some women on the way who would love these     things)

We love games, so we also packed some card games, monopoly and a ball.

Then, not loved but needed, schooling material for the last term of the girls current grades.


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