the idea

The last 4 years we called Cape Town our home. This has been our dream since we first arrived there 8 years ago on our first african trip. It took us 4 years until we finally moved there. Cape Town to us is the most beautiful city in the world. The ocean, the mountains, the climate, the views, the people – it is breathtaking. Never in a lifetime we could get used to so much beauty and not appreciate it any more. We made wonderful friends, met inspiring people, had happy and sad times and really felt at home. So why leave all this behind?

Because we feel it is time for a change. There is so much more to see and time is running. Our kids grow big so quickly and soon our eldest will be a teenager. Life in Cape Town was very busy and we long for some quality time together as a family. We believe spending so much time together, sleeping in the same tent, just having each other will influence our family in a very positive way.

Cape Town, is often said, is not Africa. This is true in some way. Cape Town is a melting pot of cultures and languages. One finds influences from all over the world, the climate is very different from the rest of the country and it seems very 1st world in many ways. But not far from Cape Town “real” Africa begins, and this we really want to experience for an extended period of time.

We called our Blog “Direction North” because this is, what our journey is about. We only know the direction and the countries we will have to traverse following our direction. Also we did not choose the direct way, but put countries on our list that we always wanted to see or have not been to in a long time. Now, at the start of our trip, we only know where our first stop will be. The rest we will decide on our way. All we have to take into consideration is the weather ( rain seasons) and our kids moods. The rest will be improvising.

Our journey will hopefully lead us to Germany, where we plan to start a new live closer to our families and childhood friends. Living in a foreign country we realized how blessed we are having big families, our parents still young and healthy. Our children have started to grow wings- they love traveling, they (at least the girls) think quite global, they are not uncomfortable with foreign surroundings or people. Now we have to cater for the root part. As much as we love Cape Town, we do not think it is the perfect environment for a teenager to grow up. To us, it is too much of a golden cage, to little physical freedom for a child that needs to start making its own experiences without parental guidance.  But that is a very personal opinion and should not lead to any prejudices. For now we are very sad to leave, but very excited about what awaits us!

One response to “the idea

  1. I’m impressed ! You are amazing and courageous people. I think this trip really you develop and strengthen your family . keeping my fingers crossed !
    Warm regards!

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