Wir sind wieder unterwegs!


Die Straße hat uns wieder! Seit dem 15.Juli sind wir wieder auf Reisen, dieses Mal von Kiel nach Kanada und dann Richtung Argentinien.

Falls Du Lust hast, uns zu begleiten, hier der Link zu unserem neuen Blog:


Wir freuen uns, Dich mitzunehmen.


English version:

We are on the road again! since July, 15th we are traveling again-this time from Kiel to Canada, then direction Argentina.

Should you want to travel with us, this is the link to our new blog.


We are looking forward to traveling with you.

5 responses to “Wir sind wieder unterwegs!

  1. We met you in the Richtersveld South Africa when you started your first tour . Good to know you on the road again with a much bigger truck , but ja the kids is also bigger . Enjoy and we will follow you .

    • Hello Jan and Marie! We remember you very well! I came across the German TV show you are in and liked it a lot. Hope you are fine. Yes kids have grown a lot, car as well😉 happy you will be following again. Will probably have to write an English version again as the google translate does not work too well, unfortunately. All the best

      • The 2 boys has grown aswell. We went down the Orangeriver to the Richtersveld and camp at De Hoop . Priceless .

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