Duwisib Castle, Namibia

We left Barby early in the morning to visit „Duwisib Castle“. We had been there before but thought the kids might like it, plus it would make a good lunchbreak on the way to Sossusvlei, our next (planed) overnight stop.

Duwisib Castle had been build  by the german Baron Heinrich von Wolf and his american wife Jayda (1909). Again, everything in the castle, had been imported from Germany. Just the transport of all the material from Lüderitz through the Namib desert took 3 years (approx. 250 km). Even their horses were imported from Europe and after the baron died in WW1 (1916) were released to roam the Namib as wild horses, so the story goes.

Knowing german castles, Duwisib itself again was not such a stunner. It is more its position and the fact that it is such a german relict in the middle of Africa. Under new management, there seem to be big plans to  open a cafe and a little 5 room hotel inside the castle to keep maintaining costs lower.

And there it was- our first break down! On the way to Sossusvlei one of our brakepipes broke and  within seconds our brakes did not work any more. Fortunately this happened on a flat and straight dirt road. Being in the middle of nowhere , outside temperatures about 42 Degrees (inside as well, did we mention we do not have air conditioning?) we only had the chance to go on without brakes in low gears and with the use of our handbrake. We quickly extracted the remaining brakefluid, as this would be something, that might be hard to get at a later time. 100km later we arrived Maltahöhe, a very depressing little town. Just 13km outside we found a campsite on a farm, no water and electricity, but at least a shady spot to repair the brakes. We are now driving on 3 brakes, but should be fine until we get to Windhuk. Timm is stunning Michaela every day by being such a multitalent. Not only can he repair about  everything, but also he developes culinary qualities she never knew of before. Hardly being able to cook pasta at home, he now bakes the most yummy breads, cooks stews, braais the juicies steaks…strange what a difference it seems to make for a man if he can cook and bake on open fire!


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