Fish River Canyon, Keetmanshoop, Namibia

From Ai-Ais we left early that morning direction Keetmanshoop. On our way we passed the Fish River Canyon. After the Grand Canyon in the U.S. the Fish River Canyon ist he 2nd largest Canyon in the world. It is  160km long and up to 550m deep. „Impressive and now let`s go“, so the kids.

More impressive to the kids was our lunch stop, at the Canyon Road House, a mix of car museum and restaurant.

On we went, through dust and heat. Both were so intense that at the end oft he day we had grey hair, and very sore nostrils, lips and eyes, as the dry air dried up all the moisture. Our overnight stop was just outside Keetmanshoop, a nice Camp Site in the Quivertree Forrest. The Quivertree is actually not a tree, but a giant aloe. It is a common tree in this area and parts of South Africa, but the forest like setting in Keetmanshoop is unique, which makes it a national monument. Some oft he trees are up to 300 years old and are claimed to all have grown narurally. We watched the sunset from the Quivertree Forest and went to bed early as the next day our school holidays would be over and the kids had to start  (home)school at 8 am, which they had (strange enough) wanted fort he last week.

After organizing the Camp, doing two hours of schooling, and sorting out 20kg of clothes, mainly Jeans that we will not need fort he next few months, we went to Giants Playground.  Giants Playground is a huge area of strange rock formations, that look as if a Giant has played with them. We only took a short stroll, because the kids, after expecting a „giant payground“ were very disappointed and grumpy.

The  rest of the morning we spent shopping, organizing internet and SIM cards and posting two 10kg parcels of stuff we already do not need any more. (Should you ever plan a bigger trip, only take half of what you think you need! We only took one Woolies bag of clothes per person, and we did not need half the stuff until now). Quite a mission, especially sending the parcel. As it is the first oft he month all the pensions get paid today, so crowds of people queued first at the post office to receive their money ( the police even blocked roads off to make space for all the people) and then at all the shops to spend it on Airtime (prepaid mobile phone) and groceries. Exhausted we left into the glaring heat again, towards Klein- Aus.

One response to “Fish River Canyon, Keetmanshoop, Namibia

  1. Hallo Ihr Globetrotter, wir sind wieder zurueck in Kapstadt und Leni vermisst Euch schon alle sehr (ich uebrigens auch!!), aber wir treffen uns ja alle wieder ganz oben im Norden. Wir werden Euch immer schoen auf Eurer Reise begleiten! Bussis von uns allen!! Anne-Lise

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