Trekoskraal, West Coast South Africa

Finally- the day had come! When waking up in Cape Town on the 15th we were everything but enthusiastic about camping. It seemed like Cape Town tried everything to make us stay. It was pouring down, 15 degrees and the ocean was everything but smooth and blue but rather grey and wild. Not the best weather to stay on a beach without electricity, toilets or anywhere to hide from wind, rain and ocean.

Anyway, two very brave families and us decided to give it a try and head to Paternoster on the West Coast of South Africa. With us our boxer Bella, who after two nights would go back to Cape Town with our friends.

Leaving Cape Town was easier than expected. We cried some tears, but not as bad as we thought we would. Soon the weather cleared up a bit and when after a 2 hour drive we got to Trekoskraal, our destination,  we could not believe the sky cleared up and we actually had two wonderful warm and sunny days.

In spring the West Coast of South Africa is covered in wild flowers.  Normally mid September is more or less the end oft he flower season, but due to the very cold weather this year it is only just starting now. Lucky us! Driving towards Namibia we will pass lots of spots famous for their flowers.

The days inTrekoskraal were the best start we could imagine. We had 8 Kids with us , all of them played all day without one fight. We grown ups spent the days cooking, talking, walking ,chilling and occasionaly quad biking.

On Tuesday the first family left early in the morning- this time we were VERY sad, and Family two left us after lunch in Paternoster and took Bella the Boxer with, again VERY sad. Alone now and heartbroken we went direction Cerderberg mountains, to Algeria Forrest Station.


6 responses to “Trekoskraal, West Coast South Africa

  1. Ihr Lieben, bei diesen Bildern denke ich,wird Deutschland Euch sehr eng werden! Viel Glück und Gesundheit wünsche ich Euch und danke für’s teilhaben. Wenn es so weiter geht,werde ich noch fromm, weil ich bete das alles gut geht,Eure Susanne

  2. Please stay away from Trekoskraal if you want to bring your quad bikes with you – see front page of The Westlander dated 6 February 2014. If you come camping, fishing, diving, surfing etc.- you are more than welcome.
    Thank you!
    Gideon Cilliers

  3. Hi Michaela – nothing personal. We are just trying to prevent the environment of Trekoskraal from being further damaged by 4×4 vehicles, quad bikes and off-road motorbikes which are responsible for this. I am a visitor to Trekoskraal since 1974 and know what is happening there. Have a nice day!

  4. please see latest news on Trekoskraal on page 9 of yesterday’s Weslander ( 27 February 2014) – page 9.

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