Cape Namib Route, Kamieskroon

This is a post for all those who think they might miss out on something if not doing the same thing we are doing. You do not on days like today. After an ice cold night we woke up in drizzeling rain. As we knew rain was predicted, we had allready packed the camp the night before and were quickly ready to go.

We went onto the Cape Namib Route and went and went and went for 5 hours on the same road. The landscape was quite beautiful, if only it would not have been so grey. Even the flowers did not bother to open their blooms. The kids were great though, did play games, wrote into their diaries, slept, sang, painted pictures and only towards the end got a bit bored. We love our car very much and think it is the best car in the world- if just it would be a tiny bit faster. We drive at an average speed of 70km, but it is all about the journey, right?! That way ours takes longer…

100km before Springbok we decided to stay on a rather dull Campside on the roadside. It is still raining, about 6 degrees and slightly windy. After doing all our admin ( it might be the last chance to have 3G available for a couple of days) we will cuddle up in the tent with the kids and watch a movie on the Computer. Tomorrow we aim for Springbok to stock up on food and diesel and then head towards Richterveld park and from there into Namibia.


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