Algeria Forrest Station, Cederberg Mountains, South Africa

The drive to Algeria Forrest Station went rather smooth and quick. The kids slept in the back completely smashed from the last two days. We had been to Algeria 4 years ago and the  Cederberg mountains are  a common weekend hide away for Capetonians. Although  it is South African school holiday time we did not pass one other car on the way.

Soon we discovered why- the road was closed due to a bridge being  flooded. Not a problem for Timm, all of a sudden he woke up from his sad lethargy and got all excited-so the kids. Only Michaela remained sceptic, but soon enjoyed the crossing as well: The car would be clean after this. The water was just above door level, about 1m but the current was quite strong and the distance about 200m which made steering a bit hard.  On the other side the kids climbed the roof and spent the rest oft he drive on our roof seat (buckled up!)

Algeria is called Algeria because  1880 it reminded a french  lieutenant  responsible for  running the forestry station  oft he Algerian Atlas mountains.

Again treated by a sunny day we went on a 3 hour hike up to a waterfall. The kids (except Max) made it all te way and back! We again passed beautiful flowers, the kids spotted lizards, dung beatles munching on a grass hopper, watched termites carrying things triple their size into their home and counted baboon poos.

Back in the Camp we were surounded by baboons who just waited for a chance to steal something edable. Lotta and Paula build a  „baboon- klatsche“ to fight them off.

Slowly we are getting into our routine. The only thing that went very quick this time is us adapting to „stinky mode“. Usually it takes about a week before we stop missing hot showers, but after we had our last shower on Sunday  we did not really freak out finding one in Algeria, but left it for the last moment and just because we do not know where we will stay the day after and when we will have the next chance for a proper wash.

Rain is predicted for Thursday, so time to pack and head direction north


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