Cape Town

View of Table Mountain from Blouberg

When Max woke up this morning,  his first words were ” Yay, we are having a party!” –  We can not blame him. The last two weeks were crazy. An attempt to put as many people in the little time left. All kids had their own party, we planted a (slightly belated) birth tree for Max, we will have our big farewell tomorrow, and Maxes christening on Sunday before we leave for our first destination ( a secret beach close to Paternoster, West Coast of South Africa). Fortunately some dear friends will come with us and help guiding us out of Cape Town. We would never have thought that it will be so hard to leave. One part of us just wishes to stay and the other part just wants to go as quick as possible to stop the pain of saying good bye. We are leaving so many wonderful people, such great memories and the most beautiful city in the world…..

The car is nearly packed, the kids had their last day at school and Kindergarten, our furniture is on its way to Germany and we are somewhere in the middle of the biggest sadness and the greatest excitement. Did we make the right decision? Will we be able to live happily in Germany again, will we not miss this crazy, colorful country and our friends so much? Will our kids enjoy the trip? Will we? Is this all a big mistake or the best thing we ever did? At the moment the fact that our live here will very soon be over is too much to digest, so we just concentrate on packing, organizing and meeting friends.

The weather seems not to give us a nice farewell, drizzle, wind and 13 Degrees- perfect camping conditions. But nothing a good campfire, some Gin Tonics and nice company can not cure .


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